What Happened at the First Home Football Game?

Photo above by: Aidan McDaniel

Friday night was the first home football game of the season.  JV lost to Santa Teresa 6-26.

A couple of minutes before halftime, the game stopped because an injured player lay on the field.  Fire trucks and an ambulance were called in, and the player was taken to the hospital.  According to the wounded player, Max Torres, he was blocking a player when someone from the other team fell on his ankle.  He broke his fibula and dislocated his ankle, so he’s going to get surgery.  This is a devastating blow to him because the season has barely started, and now he won’t be able to participate in any more games.  He noted, “there’s no doubt this will makes things really hard in my day-to-day life. The part that hurts the most is not being able to play football. Preparing all summer for countless hours for a season and then having this occur really takes a toll. I’m looking at it as something that is just testing my strength and will only make me stronger in the future. If I make it back before the season ends, I will only be more hungry to get on the field and play the sport I love.”

The team was pretty crushed by Max’s injury, and ended up losing 0-28.
Raking Resurrection and fellow teammate tackle opposing player. Photograph by: Steve Kiebus
Varsity player, Jamie Ledesma, sprints with the ball. Photograph by: Steven Kiebus