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Peter Pan

By: Dody Mounjed

“All Children, except one Grow up.” Peter Pan continues to fascinate and inspire audiences, generation after generation, because just like Peter himself, this classic story never grows old. With hope at its heart, Peter Pan reminds us how quickly our youth and innocence pass us by, as well as how delightful the world can be through the eyes of a child. We hope you savor every moment of this endearing production, that it brings you joy and laughter, and that, by the end, you can’t help but say, “I do believe in fairies!”

Wendy (played by Hannah Corpus) is talking to the Lost Boys. Photograph by: Steve Kiebus

Monte Vista Christian school has performed many plays throughout the year, and the things they do are truly magical. The cast and crew transform the whole stage and send you to a magical world. If there is any word to describe “Peter Pan,” it is magnificent. A story about a boy from Neverland who doesn’t want to grow up is made manifest by fantastic stagecraft, terrific acting, extraordinary costumes, and superb directing by Mrs. Morgan Perez and assistant director Mr. Sean Stiles. Peter Pan had shows on October 27-29, 2022, so it is a little late to see the Peter Pan show, but Monte Vista Christian is going to have more shows throughout the year, including The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe, Bravo 2023, and The Little Mermaid

Personally, I loved the characters and the acting. Luke Matos played Peter Pan, and might I say, “Great Job.” Sophia Kastros, the maid/dog in the play, said, “It was a fun experience, and I had fun with my friends and the rest of the cast members.” Jill Marshall, an actress in the play, stated: “my experience with Peter Pan was thrilling when I walked on stage, and I was able to be as silly as I wanted, and I had a bunch of fun.” Overall, I enjoyed the play a lot, and I would recommend seeing the other shows Monta Vista Christian will produce in the future.