Outfits Of the Day — Monday Country Club vs. Country

It’s homecoming week at MVCS, and many mustangs have come up with fabulous outfits to match our themes. We started the week strong with country club vs. country day. People came either dressed ready to leisure in posh country clubs, or to rough it in the country.

Not only did our students dress with high fashion, but so did teachers and staff. Mr. Spears rocked the country with his outfit. He wore a cowboy hat which went perfectly with the iconic Spears Hair. The big belt buckle was a great touch which really completed the cowboy look. Spears’ outfit was the perfect combination of country with the fun Mr. Spears twist. Mr. Chan came dressed in his country club attire. He wore a polo with a cardigan tastefully wrapped around his shoulders. Chan sported the perfect glasses to pull the look together. The outfit was well put together, and Chan looked like he was about to walk into a sophisticated country club.

Sophomore, Jada Gowan, wore country club with confidence and commitment. Gowan wore a pink polo with golf balls which gave country club at it’s finest. She received much deserved kudos as she brought her own driver as a prop for the day. She looked ready to hit a hole in one! Some of the seniors rocked it with their looks as well. Dom Ursino took a different approach to country with his Woody, from Toy Story, look. It was an iconic moment that definitely had heads turning. In a photo with Ursino his friends, they were able to bring country and country club together with an fun photo in which they lifted their friend Max Wiedemann.

At the end of the day, it wasn’t just country club vs. country. Our first day of the Hoco festivities brought excitement for the upcoming days as well as a stronger sense of community at MVCS. There were a lot of great looks, and remember to come to school dressed according to the themes, and maybe you’ll make it onto the newspaper too!! At the end of the week there will be an interview and paper feature on the best outfit of the week. So continue to show school spirit Mustangs!!