MVC Volleyball Close Call Against Stevenson

On Tuesday (September 20), Monte Vista’s volleyball team played Stevenson.  Stevenson has a notoriously strong team.  According to Sophomore Elizabeth McCuistion, a Varsity player, they had a ton of really good players, and Monte Vista was “definitely the underdog- even with a great record” of 9 wins and 5 losses.  To make matters worse, a couple key players were sick, so others had to step up to fill positions they weren’t unused to.
Volleyball has five sets, and Stevenson won the first two sets.  When teams lose the first two sets, it is incredibly difficult to boost morale and come back.  However, Monte Vista’s Avery Coleman went on a serving streak.  Senior Isa Madrigal got “got on a serving run” too, and someone passed the ball to McCuistion.  She hit it at the ten foot line, a difficult and powerful hit.  McCuistion recalled, “we all went wild after that” and then Monte Vista started to turn it around.  They gained momentum, and won the next three sets, thus winning the game!