Monte Vista Introduces Sports Medicine Internship

If you’ve gone into the trainer’s office and seen some of your fellow classmates helping out before practice, they’ve been selected as Sports Medicine Interns for this semester. Whether it be taping up wrists and ankles or giving rehabilitation exercises to athletes recovering from injury, interns have the opportunity to join Athletic Trainer Carly Allen in the Trainer’s Office to learn more about athletic training and get hands-on experience.

This school year, juniors and seniors who were enrolled in the IB’s Sports Exercise and Health Science course were able to apply for the internship before the start of school. After filling out a brief application and going through an interview with Carly alongside Mrs. Robinette, interns started training during the first weeks of the semester. For the first few days in the office, students became acquainted with the location of various equipment and tape while reviewing concepts regarding anatomy and injury prevention. Interns also chose a day out of the week that aligned best with their schedules and selected dates on which they would join Carly on the field at football games. 

Interns then began applying what they learned and observed to student-athletes participating in fall sports, both in the office and on the field. From setting up leg compression machinery and cupping therapy to applying athletic tape before a heavy practice, interns communicated with athletes and met their needs whenever possible. And over the past months of mentoring students, Carly has been amazed to see interns grow in their knowledge of the many aspects of athletic training. She notes that “[interns’] skills and confidence in injury taping, first aid, thinking through and implementing new rehab exercises and using our taping modalities” have grown exponentially since they began in August. A combination of observing and applying techniques seen in recovery, injury prevention, and first aid has allowed current interns to feel comfortable and properly equipped when assisting student-athletes.

For the upcoming spring semester and the 2024 fall and spring semesters, students are encouraged to apply and participate. Carly had this to say about future interns in upcoming semesters:

For anyone wanting to apply this spring or next fall, I encourage applicants to be excited about the hands-on aspect of the internship and be curious about sports medicine. We have a unique program where you gain patient care experience, and that is only made better by asking questions and being excited to learn more.

But how do current interns feel about what they’ve been practicing so far? I was able to speak with Analise Lettner, a junior, while she was on the field for last night’s football game and hear her thoughts about her own participation in the internship. 

Q: What have you learned throughout the internship, and how do you plan to use your knowledge about athletic training past high school?

A: Throughout this internship, I’ve learned a bunch about the human body and how to take care of it. It’ll help me later on by providing me with the knowledge I need to take care of my body in my own sports, and hopefully benefit in future career opportunities.

Q: What’s been your favorite part of your experience as an intern?

A: My favorite parts so far have been the friends I’ve made and the new things I’ve learned about athletic training.

Q: What would you say to someone looking to apply for the spring semester’s internship or next year’s opportunities?
A: Definitely prepare for your interview, and be ready to practice taping a lot.

So the next time you walk into the Trainers Office before your next practice, remember that Carly and her internship team are ready to help you perform your best every day. For questions about applying for the internship next semester, please contact Carly at

– Aidan McDaniel for the Mustang Metropolitan