Spirit Days

Día de los Muertos at Monte Vista

To many people, Día de los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a special tradition dating back thousands of years, celebrated to honor loved ones who have passed away. So what is MVC doing to honor this occasion? According to Señora Barreras, a Spanish teacher working at MVC, there are some special plans in store.

“We collaboratively work with the Spanish Honor Society to put together an altar to honor people from history that have passed,” she reports. “This year, we’re [adding] a box with labeled recuerdos and we’re going to invite people from the MVC community to drop in the names of their deceased loved ones… as a way to honor [them].”  The school will be decorated with papel picado and paper flowers, created by the Spanish classes.

Another interview with Ms. Retta, an IB Spanish teacher, revealed that students will get the chance to learn about the special tradition, and “then there will be a special surprise,” she says. Ms. Retta— who is originally from Argentina— is looking forward to the celebration and encourages others to participate. “[To me] it was like Halloween but for [Mexico]… Sra. Lopez, Sra. Mora, and I prepared a special class… to be aware when you see an altar it’s not just magic or dark stuff. This is what it is, and it’s cool and it’s nice and interesting.”

As a language teacher, Ms. Retta hopes that through this celebration, her students will understand the tradition of Día de los Muertos. “You don’t have to be part of it or believe, but it’s good to know and to be happy for them. I don’t do this, but I understand it and respect it.”

This marks the second year that Monte Vista has celebrated Día de los Muertos, but Sra. Barreras and Ms. Retta have both confirmed plans for future celebrations. 

– Sophia Canobbio for the Mustang Metropolitan