Class Dances

Today, students represented their class in class dances. Everyone’s dance was amazing! However, some classes were more disorganized than others. Dance organizers had to work around challenges. For example, the juniors only had six people, which made it difficult to create an epic dance. Junior Kailyn Kaiser said that this “made it a little bit more stressful because it meant more eyes on all of us.”

The Juniors began their dance with lightsabers in the dark. Photograph by: Kylie Brunelli

Here are some more photos of the other dances:

The Sophomores are getting in position to catch Kiera Dobbins. Photograph by: Kylie Brunelli
Freshmen played volleyball [right] while others danced [left]. Photograph by: Kylie Brunelli
James Ponzio jumps over Ethan Amado, who is acting as a limbo stick. Photograph by: Kylie Brunelli