Ace your PSAT with these Speed-Reading Tips

The reading section of the PSAT is quite difficult, and it’s even trickier with the time limit of 60 minutes for 47 questions. This means there are only 77 seconds allotted for each question without reading the passages! Luckily speed reading exists, and it can be utilized on the articles. Below are some suggestions to help read the passages faster:

  1. Skim through the questions before reading the passage to know what to look for while reading.
  2. Use a pen to keep a fast pace and avoid getting stuck on unfamiliar words.
  3. Pay attention to the most important parts of a passage:
    1. The introductory paragraph
    2. The first sentence of each body paragraph
    3. The final paragraph
  4. Don’t get bogged down in the details or jargon.
  5. Read groups of words at the same time
  6. Practice!

Good luck on the test!